Zoompak Bags are the only pre-cut convenient, ready to use, vacuum seal bags on the market, serving the Cannabis Growers needs precisely!

Zoompak vacuum seal bags are specially customized for Medicinal Cannabis Packaging, so you can package a pound or ounce sizes. Our bags are designed to serve the needs of all growers, and dispensaries.

Zoompak bags come pre-cut and ready to suit your specific needs, saving you time and money. No more yielding, measuring or cutting bags. Zoompak bags come pre-cut, are multi-purpose, and are also food grade safe!

Freshness is paramount in a premium product, so there is no better cannabis storage option than ZoomPak vacuum seal bags. Our bags seal in the freshness of your bud making them vital to any high functioning dispensary. Zoompak bags are prized for their simplicity, and provide a sophisticated packaging solution that minimizes odor while locking in that integral freshness!