Cannabis has always been present in our ancient historical records but only now it gained popularity. All this is possible because of the efforts put in to make it legalized in Canada.

The question that arises today is, how to store these products? These are concentrated forms of THC and cannabinoids, which makes them responsive to heat and moisture. All the factors, thus impact the taste and their utility. If optimal conditions are not maintained, they might lose the effect and get inedible over time.

Silicon containers

If you are dealing with the basic issues, like heat and humidity, you can be sorted with simple silicon containers. Apart from being beneficial in protecting the products for getting affected due to climatic conditions they also have other benefits.

The best part of using these containers is that they are non-stick. How does this help? Simply because your concentrate won’t be wasted by sticking to the sides of the container. Yet another benefactor is you can easily wash them with hot water and some soap occasionally.

The hidden benefit for the user is that they can take dabs directly from the container. Isn’t it cool? All you need to be careful while opting for silicon containers is to get the apt size.

PTFE paper or parchment paper

Go for this product in case you are looking for short-term use. To pinpoint the pros of using PTFE paper is that it is cost-effective and non-adhesive. Additionally, it has a layer of silicon which means your content is safe and secure.

And if you give it a little more thought you can easily carry along in your trip. Won’t it be helpful, to have all your stuff in proper condition?

Paper concentrate envelopes

One more product for on the go usage is concentrate envelopes. These envelopes are almost like a normal product but are somewhat thicker and more durable.

We advise you to use these in conjunction with parchment paper as they might not be non-stick in nature. One thing you can be sure of is that they travel-friendly option.

Zip-lock packets

Zip lock packets are perfect if you are looking for some see-through packaging options. This kind of packaging has many benefits like odor proof, moisture proof and more importantly effective sealing.

The visibility access gives you an idea about how much concentrate is left in the packet at any time without any hurdle of opening it. It really helps as you get the constant reminder when you need to buy back more concentrate.

Another astonishing feature of these packets is that they are highly durable, and friendly to use. Unlike the other cannabis packaging products which need some care to be preserved like paper envelopes, these zip lock packets are super handy and flexible.